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Captain Mainwaring

Captain Mainwaring – of’Dads Army’fame
Life-sized bronze statue unveiled in Thetford,Norfolk on 20th june 2010

Around 1,000 people attended the unveiling including the writers of the original Dads Army series Jimmy Perry and David Croft.Also present were serving cost and crew members including Bill Pertwee(Wardon Hodges), Pamella Cundell (Mrs. Fox), and frank Willams (Timothy Farthing the Vicar).
The statue was always intended to be a ‘P.O’plece (photo opportunity)The idea is to encourage visitors to take their picture with Cpt Mainwaring
thus taking advantage of social media to attract publicity and tourism to the town of Thetford.

The statue was funded by the friends of ‘Dads Army Museum’and as a consequence of the success of the bronze effigy of Arthur Lowe, visitor numbers has risen by over 50% since the unveiling.